Since 2014, Melanie has played an integral role in building my business platform and helping me get in front of my dream clients. From architecting our most profitable online launches, filling our transformational live events and multi-day retreats and helping us automate our revenue by taking our most successful programs evergreen, Melanie has exceeded my expectations every step of the way.

If you’re looking for a smart marketer who will help you make an extraordinary impact with your purpose and care about your business as much, if not more than you do, I highly recommend you reach out to Melanie. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Mastin Kipp, #1 Best-Selling Author

Speaker & Life Interventionist

Melanie McMurrain is my secret weapon when it comes to Facebook Ads and Funnel Strategy.

When I first met Melanie back in 2015 I was impressed that she wasn't preaching the same old, mediocre strategies that everyone else in the market was sharing. Melanie's strategies were fresh and inspiring. Through implementing what Melanie taught, I was able to maximize my ad spend while attracting amazing clients into my business.

Melanie has shared her wisdom and ninja skills with my clients. We accomplished in one day what would have taken months for them to complete on their own. They left feeling confident and empowered knowing that Facebook Ads don't have to be scary or overwhelming. In fact, the strategies that Melanie teaches are simple and effective and will help you amplify your business in a powerful way.

If you want to amplify the impact you are here to make in the world, you need Melanie on your team. She is a gamechanger.

Laura Wieck, BodyMind Coaching

Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Coach and Mentor