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From Our Clients

“When I first met Melanie back in 2015 I was impressed that she wasn’t preaching the same old, mediocre strategies that everyone else in the market was sharing. Melanie’s strategies were fresh and inspiring. Through implementing what Melanie taught, I was able to maximize my ad spend while attracting amazing clients into my business.”

Laura Wieck

Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Coach and Mentor, BodyMind Coaching

About our founder,

Melanie McMurrain

A former teacher turned digital marketer, Melanie McMurrain is probably the most experienced digital marketing strategist that you’ve never heard of — until now that is.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Instructional Technology, Melanie has a unique insight into the mindset triggers and needs of an audience. Over the last five years, she’s put these skills to good use in the trenches of the online business world, designing and managing multiple seven-figure launches on behalf of countless entrepreneurs, authors, course creators, teachers and thought leaders, a former professional Arena League football player and one of the original sharks from the first season of Shark Tank.

During her time, Melanie has managed monthly ad spends of $1m+ while growing her clients’ email lists from startup to over 100,000 targeted subscribers and she has ads running to cold traffic for a quiz funnel right now that are converting well below $1 per lead.

Her favorite saying? “In the online world, no one is typical. Everyone is unique.”

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