Got a product, course, or program that your customers and clients go crazy for every time you launch?

Let’s maximize it’s full profit potential.


You’ve already done the hard work. You’ve created a product, program, or service that your ideal customers and clients love. On top of that, you’ve got a proven funnel in place too!

Now it’s time to maximize those funnels and make it easy for your clients to access your products and services on demand.



  • Funnel Audit: We’ll review your past results and the performance of your existing lead generation systems, before recommending appropriate ways to maximize the potential of your audience on an ongoing basis.
  • Lead Generation Landing Pages: We’ll design and build the landing pages required to maximize our lead generation efforts and implement every tactic we know to help you decrease your cost per lead. You provide us with your images, branding assets and copy and we’ll do the rest!
  • Webinar & Video Script Strategy Session: During this 90-minute session we’ll work together to map out your content positioning and craft the hooks for your automated sales funnel. You’ll walk away with a clear outline of all the key messages that you need to weave into your video and/or webinar scripts..
  • Automation Set-Up: We’ll take your video series and/or webinar  and fully automate them using the platforms of your choice.
  • Email Funnel Implementation: We’ll build out your entire email sequence inside your CRM, ensuring every email is appropriately tagged and robustly tested before go live.
  • Follow-Up Support: For a full 90-days,we’ll monitor the performance of your funnel and make recommendations to optimize its conversion rate. And of course, we’ll be on hand to answer any questions, allay any concerns and provide advice and feedback on any new ideas or opportunities that you think of.