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5 Ways to Increase Your Email Open Rates (and Income)

As an entrepreneur, you have spent so much time and money attracting your ideal audience. You (and so many others) struggle daily to get your message heard and seen. When you implement these 5 simple hacks to increase your open rates, you will build better relationships with your prospects while getting your message out to your ideal clients, prospects and existing customers!


Trends in Digital Marketing

As someone who manages ad spends in the area of a million dollars a month, I make it my business to be on the leading edge of what’s working and what’s not. But I’m not just interested in hacking paid traffic. I’m fully up to speed with future marketing trends, proposed functionality changes and the best practices you must adopt to maximize the overall performance of your sales funnels and protect your return on investment.


Insights vs. Instincts

Everyone thinks they need to have their ideal client well and truly figured out before they create a new sales funnel or start paying for leads. And you know what, I absolutely agree! But what happens when you realize the people investing in your offer are radically different from the people you instinctively set out to attract in the first place? When this happens, there are likely disconnects running the gamut of your entire funnel, affecting its overall efficacy and diminishing your potential returns. But if you know the insights that you should be looking for, in both your paid traffic and web traffic analytics, ironing out the kinks will be a much more efficient process.


Lead Magnets & List Growth

If you’re running an online business, lead generation is something that should always be on your radar. But attracting high quality leads that resonate with you and your message and ultimately become your next students, clients or customers, isn’t as simple as slapping together ten top tips and creating a quick PDF. In a world where the average person values their email address at around $50, your future prospects want and expect more in return for inviting you into their inbox. Bringing insights from my background as a Psychologist and Instructional Technologist,  coupled with over five years experience operating behind-the-scenes in fast-paced online businesses, I share my insights about lead magnets that connect, convert and provide a continuous pipeline of clients.

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